Habitat Coffee Co's Advent Calendar

So the holidays are coming up and of course Advent calendars are going to a be a dime a dozen, so obviously you want something unique, exciting, and engaging to get you from December 1st to Christmas! Well I have the answer for you!

Habitat Coffee Co has partnered with 5 Different Vancouver Roasters to provide you with 24 ridiculously delicious coffees to keep you caffeinated all the way until Christmas! Inside their 2020 Caffeine Advent Calendar are 24 metal tins that contain 24 different coffees from Prototype Coffee, Modus Coffee, Agro Roasters, House of Funk Coffee, and of course, Habitat Coffee Co.

Now if those roasters don't get you hyped about an advent calendar then, honestly, nothing will! I told you the roasters, but you'll have to order to find out what amazing coffee's are inside!

Each day/tin has 50g of whole beans, which is enough for 2 pour-overs or a Chemex/French press. It's basically the gift that keeps on giving!

Pre-orders start now. There's a limited run, so don't wait! Habitat will work tirelessly to make sure the coffee is at your door before December 1st (depending on when you order of course. Don't be that jerk that tries to order November 30th and expect it December 1st). 

If you live outside of Vancouver, its no problem. They are happy to ship anywhere in Canada, so all Canadians get a chance to enjoy some amazing Vancouver based coffee for the holidays! 

Now how do you order you must be asking? Click the link here and search for the Caffeine Advent Calendar 2020.

So what are you waiting for? Another Article? GO BUY IT NOW!!!

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