Get your Starbucks Delivered

Let me paint you a picture. You're at your desk working hard on a Monday morning, its been three or four hours since your last coffee and then it sets in...caffeine withdrawal. You need your caffeine fix but also have a deadline to hit in the next hour and can't walk yourself to Starbucks to grab your venti Americano Misto with a pump of Vanilla syrup. Even a mobile order will take too much time. What do you do? 

Well Starbucks Canada has officially solved the problem for you. Starbucks Canada has launched Starbucks Delivers powered by Uber eats. That's right! You can now get your coffee delivered to your office, home, or that random secluded park you like to go hang out at and contemplate life.

So how is this service being rolled out you may be asking? Well here is the info I have:

1. Door-to-door service will be rolled out this summer in select major Canadian cities.

2. The plan is to have 50% of company-owned stores in Canada will offer delivery this year.

3. They are going to have unique packaging and beverage solutions to ensure that Starbucks upholds the standard of quality you have grown to know and expect from them. Basically your coffee is gonna be hot when you get it and your Frapp will be ice cold. No need to stress!

4. With the Uber eats app you'll be able to track your delivery with minute by minute updates. 

So now you no longer have to have an existential crisis when you want to finish your deadlines at work AND have that caffeine fix that you've been craving. You get the best of both worlds! 

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