Coffee Shops to Check out in Yaletown


Location: 863 Beatty St.

A local roaster that decided to just open up some coffee shops to serve their coffee directly to the customer. A simple design within which allows you to maintain your focus solely on the coffee you're about to drink. With a range of coffee bean options offered at all times you can select the coffee that best suits you.

Rating: Simple

Small Victory

Location: 1088 Homer St.

A bakery/coffee shop that will definitely leave you wanting more. A wide range of coffees from local and international coffee roasters that change quite frequently, and a range of pastries and brunch options, you will feel the need to try everything (especially all the rosemary me they are amazing). You can be sure that your coffee experience at Small Victory will be a memorable one.

Rating: Ok

Coo Coo Coffee

Location: 477 Davie St.

This coffee shop/breakfast joint in Yaletown is known for its good coffee, and delicious breakfast sandwiches. It's a nice, quiet, coffee shop where you can enjoy a decent meal and a decent cut of coffee so make sure you stop by and check it out.

Rating: Bold

The Buzz Cafe & Espresso Bar

Location: 901 Homer St.

Simply put, it's a coffee shop that looks like an Art Gallery. The paintings on the wall give you a sense that you should tour the shop first before ordering a coffee. Serving up 49th Parallel, this coffee shop is a must see.

Rating: Fine

JJ Bean

402 Davie St.

JJ Bean is well known in the Vancouver Coffee community, and their shop in yaletown is no different. You can always be sure to find their own roasted coffee, freshly baked goods (like their muffins that make you want to shed a single tear), and a place to sit and enjoy your purchase.

Rating: Good

So ends my list of Yaletown coffee shops to check out. If you have any suggestions for me to go check out let me know, I'm always willing to drink ridiculous amounts of coffee. 


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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JK Bean

The last two times I went to JJ Bean I have had a bad expereince.

One time the coffee was burnt. BURNT. The second time the Chai tea smelled/tasted like Pot Pourri. That’s disappointing given their great location. I go back and forget what happened the time before until something messes up again.

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