Coffee Shops to Check out in Kitsilano: Part 1

Kitsilano in Vancouver has established itself as a laid back, chill place to hang out. Well if you're going to Kitsilano and want to hang out, why not hang out at one of these coffee shops:

49th Parallel Coffee

location: 2198 W 4th Ave


If you live in Vancouver and drink coffee, you've heard of 49th Parallel Coffee. This has become the new standard for good coffee in Vancouver, plus they have donuts at their location, what's a better combination than donuts and coffee?

Rating: Standard

Kahve Cafe

Location: 1822 W 1st Ave

 A simple store design with a focus on delivering a fresh coffee experience to the area. They serve Phil & Sebastian so you know the coffee is going to be good, and they also offer some in-house food to add to the coffee experience.

Rating: Pleasing

Platform 7

Location: 2300 W Broadway


 A coffee shop that looks like a train station, what else do you need in life? Offering Stumptown coffee, and Cartem's donuts you will definitely have an interesting experience at this shop.

Rating: Different

Aroma Coffee

Location: 2797 Arbutus St.

Providing JJ Bean Coffee, this local coffee shop offers a simple and relaxing place to enjoy a good cup of coffee. It's definitely somewhere you want to check out.

Rating: Aromatic

Nusa Coffee

Location: 2766 W 4th Ave

With a focus on serving Indonesian coffee, they offer a very unique experience and unique blends of coffee that you may not find anywhere else.

Rating: Unique

Overall, you have some good options to check out in Kitsilano. Obviously there are a number of other coffee shops to check out, which is why I'll have a part 2 coming soon. Stay tuned!


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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