Coffee Shops to check out in Gastown (Vancouver, BC): Part 2

As I mentioned in the last Gastown post, there were far too many coffee shops in Gastown to name in just one blog post, so logically it stands to reason that there should be too blog posts about coffee shops in Gastown. Thus, a "Part 2" was created:

Milano Roasters

Location: 36 Powell St.

A Vancouver based roaster, they offer a wide range of their roasts at the Powell street location. For the more adventurous coffee drinkers, they also offer an Espresso Master's Reserve collection that you can choose from, which includes options such as butter espresso, a six bean blend they call the New Italian, or their Nuovo which is a 7 single origin arabica coffee. They have something for everyone.

Rating: Good

East Van Roasters

Location: 319 Carrall St.

Hidden on Carrall street you will find East Van Roasters. A local roaster and coffee shop that offers their own selection of coffee. Their 16 seat coffee shop offers a "bean to bar" concept as mentioned on their site, as well as drinking chocolates that are tailored to match the coffee notes found in their fresh roasts. 

Rating: Chocolaty

Nelson the Seagull

Location: 315 Carrall St.

Found next to East Van Roasters, this coffee shop will surprise you when you first walk in. It has a spacious layout that you would never expect from the outside of the shop. Serving up Elysian Coffee as well as a full breakfast and lunch menu, you can be sure that you'll walk out with a smile...or at least a full stomach.

Rating: Rich

Smart Mouth Cafe

Location: 131 Water St.

In the heart of Gastown you will find Smart Mouth Cafe. Serving up Moja Coffee (a local coffee roaster in Vancouver) and a plethora of lunch options, you can always stop by for a bite and a good cup of coffee, knowing that you won't have to sacrifice quality for either item. 

Rating: Admirable

Trees Organic

Location: 321 Water St.

The #1 cheesecake in Vancouver also offers their own brand of roasted coffee, and its on par with the cheesecake. Nothing is better than getting yourself a slice of new york style cheesecake with their strawberry topping (or whatever kind of cheesecake you want, I'm not judging) and having an americano next to it, just laying back and enjoying the experience. It's just a perfect pairing.

Rating: Ok

Lost + Found Cafe

Location: 33 W Hastings St.

The focus of this coffee shop is simplicity; simplicity in their food menu, simplicity in their coffee. Their coffee comes from Republica Coffee Roasters, a coffee roaster out in Langley, BC, they have ensured that both their coffee and food preserve their philosophy of simplicity. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area.

Rating: Aromatic

The Smallflower

Location: 47 W Hastings St.

Smallflower is a Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly Cafe and Bakery, and I know what you're thinking, "Gluten-Free? Vegan? Alfred why are you trying to push this on us?!", but just try one of their desserts and you tell me if you can taste the difference between vegan and non. They also serve Agro Roasters Coffee, a Vancouver based coffee roaster, so you know you're going to have a good cup of coffee with your gluten-free or vegan dessert. Just try it, ok?

Rating: Acceptable

So ends the list of Gastown coffee shops. If I missed any coffee shops it's because I have yet to visit them, so feel free to suggest in the comments.


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