Coffee Shops to Check out in Downtown, Vancouver

The weather has been a little bit terrible lately with all this rain. Why not spend the day in one of these great coffee shops in Downtown Vancouver:

Bel Cafe

Location: 801 W Georgia St.


Serving up 49th Parallel Beans, this coffee shop serves up some great coffee as well as some amazing food to go with it. It's definitely a place to check out on your lunch break.

Rating: Enjoyable

Honolulu Coffee

Location: 888 Nelson St.


You'll feel like you've been transported from the rainy Vancouver weather to the beaches in Hawaii (or you might just be avoiding the rain and enjoying a coffee, I don't know where your mind goes when you drink coffee). They roast their own beans and ensure to deliver some quality coffee with every new roast. A must try.

Rating: Exotic

Elysian Coffee

Location: 1100 Burrard St.


A main roaster in the Vancouver coffee roasting game. You can find their roasts at multiple different coffee shops in the city, but this is the place you go to in order to try how they truly want their coffee to be brewed. 

Rating: Roasted


Location: 1059 Alberni St.


I'm sure you've heard of Thierry and their amazing french pastries and chocolates, but did you know they serve up coffee as well? Their espresso has a strong base of chocolate (who would have thought). My suggestion is when you grab a dessert from them, grab a coffee to enjoy alongside it.

Rating: Chocolaty

Mink Chocolates Cafe

Location: 863 W Hastings St.


Mink is a chocolate factory....yes a chocolate factory. Although their focus is pumping out some amazing Belgian chocolate they serve up some of the freshest coffee. Roasting their own House blend and Organic espresso, you can be sure they care as much about their coffee as they do their world renowned chocolate.

Rating: Grand

Faubourg Paris

Location: 769 Hornby St.


A french bakery in the heart of Downtown Vancouver serving up their own roasts alongside a multitude of french pastries, macarons, sandwiches, and anything else you can think up. They focus on medium to dark slow roasts to ensure for the most optimal flavors. If you're in the mood for a croissant and a latte, get it from Faubourg.

Rating: French


Location: 1050 W Pender St.

Serving up both 49th Parallel and Groundswell Roasters, as well as introducing some intriguing roasters to the mix, they focus is on providing the best cup of coffee. Not only do they provide great coffee, but they have a large selection of food to choose from to go with your coffee. If you're around the area definitely go check them out.

Rating: Good 

These are just a handful of coffee shops to check out but definitely do your best to check these places out. Might as well stay in doors when while the weather is like this right?


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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Matt Vickars

I was downtown today and figured I should try a new cafe, something unique. Thanks to your recommendation, I ended up at Mink with a delicious, but not too sweet, mocha. I mean how can you not get a mocha from a chocolate maker cafe?! Thanks for the recommendation!

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