Coffee Shops to Check out in Calgary, Alberta

My short trip to Calgary turned into a coffee tour pretty quickly (meaning the second I landed it became a coffee tour) so I thought I'd share my experience so that if you ever plan on going to Calgary, Alberta you can be sure you'll get a good cup of coffee.

Phil & Sebastian

Location: 102 8th Ave SW


No coffee tour in Calgary would ever be complete without visiting a Phil & Sebastian coffee shop. A huge coffee roaster that's known around the world. This is your only chance to check out their specialty shop and see how they brew their coffee.


Rating: Decent


Location: 632 17th Ave SW


New to the coffee scene in Calgary, this coffee shop showcases their custom blends. A great location to sit and enjoy your first coffee in the morning and an excellent way to start your day.


Rating: Bold

Monogram Coffee

Location: 420 2nd St SW


Monogram has been around for over 20 years now and have been known to offer some quality roasts. Friendly staff, fresh coffee and an open space to enjoy your coffee. What more could you want in a coffee shop?

Rating: Good

Rosso Coffee Roasters

Location: 850 4th St. SE


Located underneath the Studio Bell Centre, this coffee shop allows you to enjoy not only the fresh roasts that they offer, but you have the ability to take it and walk around the Bow river or the Elbow river and enjoy the water and a good cup of coffee.

Rating: Fresh

Analog Coffee

Location: 740 17th Ave SW


A family of coffee brewers with a love for their craft. They have been in business for over 40 years now and this shows in the way they roast and brew their coffee. You can be sure you'll walk in and enjoy one of Calgary's famous coffees. 

Rating: Pleasing

My tour of the coffee scene in Calgary was short and sweet. If you manage to head over there be sure to try out any one of these coffee shops (or all of them if you're a coffee fanatic like myself) and enjoy yourselves a good cup of coffee.


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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