Coffee Shops to Check out in Chinatown

I have compiled a new list for you to enjoy. This time we will be taking a tour of Chinatown in Vancouver, BC. My suggestion, go check all of these out. But what do I know, I'm just a guy that enjoys a good cup of coffee.

Matchstick Coffee Roasters

location: 213 E Georgia St.

This is the Chinatown staple. They roast their own coffee to ensure the quality they serve with every cup is consistent. They serve a variety of their own beans so it is in your best interest to review the tasting notes for the coffees and find the flavors that best serve your coffee needs.

Rating: Commendable.

Propaganda Coffee

Location: 209 E Pender St.

A Simple coffee shop concept. Wood floors, a few tables, and a coffee bar to grab your drinks. Very minimalist. The coffee itself ranges depending on the roaster that's being offered. They usually offer Bows x Arrows, Elysian, Phil & Sebastian, and many other Canadian roasters. My suggestion would be to grab a pour-over from there, just sit down and enjoy your coffee experience. Also, make sure to check out their site for an updated list of their coffee offerings. 

Rating: Good. 


Location: 687 Main St.

One part Coffee shop, one part italian bakery/deli, Dalina is quite possibly one of the most beautiful shops I have stepped foot in. The coffee that they serve is Caffe Umbria, a Canadian Coffee Roaster, which is freshly served along with the wide selection of food. It is definitely a shop worth checking out if you are in the area.

Rating: Pleasing.

Aubade Coffee

Location: 230 E Pender St.

This shop took me a bit by surprise. It is truly one of the most unique coffee shops I have been to. Located inside an Antique store, this small coffee shop intrigues you with not only the atmosphere but with the coffee selection as well. The owner always ensures quality when serving a cup of coffee, which starts with the best quality beans. No matter what coffee beans you choose you can rest assured that you will have one of the best coffee experiences in your life.

Rating: Decent.

So ends the Chinatown list. If you have any suggestions for coffee shops in the area that you think I HAVE to visit let me know.


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