Coffee On the Go

"We've combined Vancouverites love for coffee and their desires to maintain a green and healthy environment". When talking to the owner of Coffee Bike Vancouver they showed me just how much they care about the environment. This coffee shop on wheels (three wheels to be precise) is an Eco-friendly Street Coffee Bike that roams the city, delivering amazing coffee on the go.

coffee shop on a bike

Photo By: Coffee Bike Vancouver

The idea came from a love of coffee (as all great coffee shops do) and a love for the environment. They have attached a self sustained coffee shop based on the platform of an electric tricycle to ensure that they are producing zero emissions while serving you a delicious latté, cappuccino, Americano (my favorite), or even some delicious baked goods like a cookie, muffin, or scone to get your pastry fix on while drinking a delicious coffee. 

New to the Vancouver Coffee Scene, they're trying to show Vancouverites that coffee doesn't need to come at a cost to the environment. If you want to check out this new "coffee on the go" experience stay up to date on where they'll be through their instagram page or feel free to contact them and see if they'll come to you! I'm sure they will never say no. They said it best, "Our flexible location allows us to roam around the city and help you with that boost of energy and coffee cravings at your best convenience" so they want to make coffee as convenient for you as possible!

scone and coffee

Photo By: Coffee Bike Vancouver

Let's welcome Coffee Bike Vancouver to the coffee community and show them that Vancouver cares about good coffee AND the environment.

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