Coffee of the Week: Victrola Coffee Roasters Burundi Kayanza Mpanga

This weeks coffee of the week is the Burundi Kayanza Mpanga from Victrola Coffee Roasters in Seattle. 

The Company

Victrola opened in 2000, in a small neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. By ensuring great quality roasts and a sense of community, they managed to grow in popularity and by 2003 they decided to start roasting their own coffee in house, experimenting with different styles and blends for their coffees. 

Now, almost two decades later, Victrola has established itself in the community and actively share their great coffee with the people and businesses around them while continuously deepening their relationships with farmers and producers. 

The Coffee

The Burundi had a strong cherry and grape aroma when first opening the bag, and a subtle hint of cardamom. Upon tasting I found notes of cherry, with subtle tones of both cinnamon and lime offering a balance of rich fruity flavors. The lime allowed for a noticeable acidity that was then transformed by the notes of grape into a sweet finish. 

Overall, the balance of rich flavors allowed for a smooth body and a juicy, initially acidic finish.

Rating: Balanced


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