Coffee lover's Christmas list

So the holidays are coming up and we all know what that means: you're super late in terms of Christmas shopping. Well for those of you with loved ones that are truly obsessed with coffee (like me) I have a list of some key coffee related presents that any coffee lover would want this holiday season:

1. French press

If you've ever used one of these you know this is the easiest way to make a good, strong cup of coffee. It's easy to use and not too expensive so it won't break your bank.

2. Chemex Pour Over

Ok these are more for the coffee connoisseur rather than you're everyday coffee drinker. These pour overs take a bit more time to make a cup of coffee but you can almost guarantee a perfect cup of coffee after the process is done. 

3. Italian espresso maker

Who needs a $5,000 espresso maker when you can buy a $30-40 Italian espresso maker and you can be sure that every single time you walk away with a good cup of espresso. These beauties are worth every penny.

4. Coffee

Now when I say coffee I'm not saying your everyday, run of the mill coffee that you can buy at any grocery store. No, what you should do is put some thought into it. Head to a local roaster in your town and grab a bag of beans. You'll know it's good quality and the thought that you went out to grab a special bag of coffee for them will mean a lot more than something store brand (It's the thought that counts at the end of the day right?)

5. An Alfred Drinking Coffee Shirt and Card

You had to know this was coming right? But seriously what else says "I know you love coffee" like a shirt from their favorite coffee Instagram page (or like top 10 fav? I at least hit top 10 right?) and a heartfelt card. 

Anything on this list will make the day of the coffee lover in your life. Just make sure you tell them where you got the idea...or don't, I can't make you do it.

Cheers and Happy Holidays,

Alfred Drinking Coffee

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