Celebrate National Coffee Month With Nespresso

As you may or may not know (I really hope you know given that you're reading this article) it is National Coffee Month in Canada and Nespresso wants to find some sweet ways for you to celebrate. How can they help you may be asking? Well by providing you with some amazing limited-edition coffees, as well as some unreal recipes that'll warm you up for fall.

Let's start with the limited-edition coffees. Since PSL season is upon us, Nespresso wanted to provide you with the irresistable taste of cloves, cinnamon and cardamom with the Pumpkin Spice Cake which is almost sold out across the country (so get it while you can!).

Want to make your very-own PSL at home? Nespresso once again has you covered. With their Aeroccino and some chestnut syrup you can make the perfect PSL in the comfort of your own home.

For the Traditional coffee lover, you may gravitate more towards these Italian coffee culture tributes: The Tribute to Trieste and Milano showcase the remarkable sensory experience and differences of Italian coffee, with a round texture with chocolate and fresh hazelnut notes (the Trieste) and the highly aromatic blend of Arabicas from Central America showcasing fine fruity aromas and sweet cereal notes (the Milano). Both priced at $9.40 per sleep of 10, for that delicious and quick ristretto in the morning.

Want some added value? (Ya'll are greedy and I like it!) Nespesso is offering $100 off select coffee machines for the month of October. So order online or in-store at a Nespresso Boutique near you. 

There you have it! Nespresso has you covered this month! So how do you plan on celebrating National Coffee Month? 

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