Best Coffee in Coquitlam

Those of you that know the Lower Mainland know that it's more than just Vancouver and the downtown core. Although there are some absolutely fantastic coffee shops to check out and see in Downtown, you can be sure that there are some places really worth venturing out and seeing. One of those areas is Coquitlam, BC. One of the tri-cities (Port Moody and Port Coquitlam being the other two) this city has its hands in some pretty great coffee shops that you need to check out. So here is my list of shops that you NEED to check out when visiting Coquitlam:

Creekside Coffee Factory

A coffee roaster in the suburbs! Who would have thought that could even happen?! Well it did and they make some amazing coffee that you just have to try. Located in the heart of Coquitlam, you can be sure you'll find a good cup of coffee, a great spot to to sit and enjoy, and if you get hungry...there's Sushi town right next door! What more do you need?

Caffe Divano

Photo By: Caffedivano

A smaller chain with three different locations, one of which is found in Coquitlam right behind Coquitlam Centre. A great place to get a delicious latté with  Pallet Roasters espresso specially designed for Divano. Not only do they serve delicious coffee but they have some amazing food options including sandwiches, quiches, and a lot of food made in-house that you just have to try. I suggest grabbing one of their scrumptious parfaits to go with a great coffee. 


coffee plus vanilla latte

Photo By: Coffeeplusvanilla

A great location to enjoy an amazing americano, some phenomenal desserts made in-house, and just an overall amazing experience. The service is the main reason I keep coming back. These are some of the nicest people I've ever met and you always walk out with a smile on your face. 


Formerly Coffee Monster, this coffee shop has revamped itself but also maintained one key factor...they make a damn good cup of joe. Serving some amazing coffee and also some delicious dessert options (you can tell I really like having dessert with my coffee). A must try if you're in the neighbourhood.

Standing Egg Coffee

standing egg coffee

Photo By: Standingeggcoffee

Serving up Phil & Sebastian, this shop is hidden away but seriously when you find it you will be coming back more and more. One of the few shops I've seen offering a Syphon brewing method and seriously, they make that coffee perfectly. A must see for sure.

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