Being Hungry Really Does Suck

This isn't really a coffee article (it's not at all) so I'm sorry in advance but I definitely feel like this is something that we need to talk about. I recently went to an event run by A Better Life Foundation called Plenty of Plates. 

You've never heard of A Better Life Foundation? Well here's a little bit about them:

At its core, A Better Life Foundation is a daily meal program that helps to provide a hot, nutritious meal to about 1,000 Vancouverites in need year round. 

The focus of ABLF is said best by them, "The health of each individual can impact the overall health of our community. dignified, healthy meals for every person are crucial to maintaining this". 

As it stands A Better Life Foundation has served over 1.8 MILLION meals and will continue to do so as long as they can, provided the funds are available. That is where Plenty of Plates comes in.

Plenty of Plates is a meaningful team-building experience, where companies can send teams of their staff (10-15 people) and they work to make a real difference for their neighbours in the Downtown Eastside. The team will work together to cook and serve a 3-course meal out of the Save On Meats diner to individuals who, quite frankly, rarely get a sit-down restaurant experience. 

Your team gets partnered with the amazing staff at Save On Meats (seriously these are the nicest people I have ever met) and they guide you to cooking amazing meals. The experience is meant for anyone and any level cooking skills! You can have those that are experts in the kitchen and find it rewarding (trust me that wasn't me) but you also have those that have little to no experience cooking (closer to my skillset) that still feel useful in the kitchen! It's an amazing experience. 

By donating time and money, you are not only providing meals for the night's dinner service, but the donation also goes towards providing over 1,000 meals to those in need (seriously what more do you need to be convinced?).

The event usually runs from 5pm where you have your intro and briefing, and goes to about 9:30pm where you wrap everything up. 

I strongly suggest everyone that lives in the Vancouver area look into this and talk to your co-workers to set this event up because its a great bonding experience (I made a quite a few friends at this event and I knew no one to start) and you're also helping out the community in a major way. 

For more information email or check out their site for more details. 

Being Hungry Sucks and this is a great way to make sure no one goes hungry this holiday season.

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