Beanstock is Back on the Westcoast

Beanstock Coffee Festival is Western Canada's biggest craft coffee festival and it's back for another year. This Fall, the third Beanstock Coffee Festival is inviting coffee lovers from Vancouver and all over to come to Granville Island and connect with micro-roasters, try some of the best craft coffee in Western Canada, and learn something about your favorite brews.

Coffee is the world's favourite beverage with over 2.2 billion cups being consumed around the world each and every day, but as you may or may not know, each cup isn't created the same. Over the past few years, Third Wave Coffee, which is a movement in high-quality, transparent and fair trade alternatives, has skyrocketed with specialty growers, traders and roasters uniting to improve each stage of production, from farming to processing techniques, all with the goal to provide a perfect final product. 

Beanstock Coffee Festival was created by a team of industry professionals committed to expanding public awareness of third wave coffee and micro-roasters, while also advocating for a more sustainable future for coffee.

This year the festival will take place November 2nd and 3rd at Performance Works on Granville Island. 

The Festival will be featuring 30 independent micro-roasters, including Agro Coffee Roasters, Luna Coffee, Prototype Coffee, Pallet Coffee Roasters, and Rooftop Coffee Roasters

Early bird tickets will be starting at $25 each, which includes two tokens that can be exchange for 100-gram samples of roasted coffee. VIP tickets are $75 and include unlimited priority entry access to both days of the festival; a beanstock tote bag containing premium samples; and a festival branded ceramic cup for tastings and to take home. 

The even will be open from 9am to 5:30pm on November 2nd and 3rd. For more information and to purchase tickets click here

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