Beanstock Coffee Festival: All You Can Drink Coffee

Have you ever wanted to just go around sampling different coffees from around the city, but don't feel like driving around for 4-5 hours finding the shops? Well here's your chance to try all the coffee you want in one convenient location! (get excited people).

On Sunday November 26th there is going to be a massive coffee festival in Vancouver. The Beanstock Coffee Festival will be serving up some local favorites like: Pallet Coffee Roasters, Prototype Coffee, Modus Coffee Co., Groundswell Roasters, Agro Coffee Roasters, and many more.

The focus of the event is to showcase the best coffees from around the city as well as celebrating a mutual love of coffee with everyone around town. The festival is a single-day event that will showcase note only amazing coffee, but will be serving up some local food, drinks, and some great music to listen to while you're enjoying unlimited coffee. The even is open to the public with two tiers of tickets available:

General Admission Tickets - $10 (early bird)/ $15 (regular)/ $20 (door)

With General Admission you'll All-You-Can-Drink Coffee from the Micro Roasters available, a Reusable Beanstock Cup, a 100g Sample Bag of Coffee and a 10% discount voucher in the festival store.

Premium Ticket - $35 (early bird)/ $45 (regular)

The add-ons you'll get with a premium ticket is you get 3 100g Sample Bags of Coffee instead of just the one, a Tote bag, and a $10 food voucher + a drink. So you're basically getting the additional cost back in food and beans! What else would you need in life?

For tickets head to to snag your ticket. Personally, I would suggest trying to snag an early bird ticket; as an accountant it just makes sense to me that you try to save just get an early bird ticket if you can. 

Where's the event held you ask? its going to be at 298 Alexander Street. Do yourselves a favor and go check this amazing festival out!


Alfred Drinking Coffee

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