Aubade Coffee: Chinatown's Hidden Gem

The Company

Eldric and the team at Aubade have been around for a little while now in terms of the coffee scene in Vancouver, and in that time they have managed to make a name for themselves. Their goal is not just to serve you great coffee, their goal is to serve you the best coffee possible from all around the world. 

It's not just the coffee that keeps you going back but the passion and sheer love of coffee that they demonstrate with every cup they serve. The methods of brewing is different with each coffee they serve, since they focus on researching the best way to bring out all the vibrant, sweet and juicy flavors that each roast has to offer. 

You can also be sure that you'll walk out with a little bit more coffee knowledge than when you first walked in. Every time I've gone in to grab a coffee, Eldric or one of his team explained the origins of the coffee as well as the tasting notes and any other tidbit of knowledge to keep you better informed about the coffee you're about to drink.

Located inside an Antique store, this place truly is a hidden gem.


The Coffee

I've had the pleasure of trying a number of different coffees from Aubade. They try to provide a new selection of roasters every once in a while. Some of the roasters they featured were 32 Lakes, Small Batch Roasting Co.,  and Proud Mary Coffee. The brewing method of choice has been the Aeropress. There was not a single time where I walked out upset about the coffee I had picked (or guided to pick by Eldric). 

If you're ever on E Pender in Chinatown you definitely need to stop by and check Aubade out. I promise you, you will not regret it.

Rating: Bold

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