A Taste of Colombia in Town

Black Rivera Coffee is a new Colombian roaster that has entered into the coffee community in Vancouver and is run by Simone and Diana, who are both new to the coffee community in terms of roasting but have been around coffee their entire life.

How It All Started

Simone is originally from Italy, which means he grew up with coffee all around him. His first memories of coffee were of waking up to the sound of his grandmother's italian espresso maker brewing in the morning. When he moved to Vancouver 6 years ago, he found that the coffee culture itself here was drastically different than that of Italy. In Italy, the point of coffee was for it to be strong and fast; whereas in Vancouver the coffee culture focuses on sitting and enjoying the cup of coffee to the fullest extent, which sometimes means sitting in coffee shops for hours just sipping on your coffee and enjoying the ambiance. 

At first Simone was completely against this idea of coffee culture but eventually decided to embrace it by getting a personal french press at home and just sit and enjoy the coffee. This was the first step into the coffee culture of Vancouver and he eventually grew to love it.

On his first trip to Colombia to visit a few friends, he was able to meet up with Diana, one of his friends and she showed him around the country. Diana has and always will be a proud Colombian and her mission in life is always to promote Colombia and all the wonderful things it has to offer, including the friendly people and of course, the coffee. She managed to do this first by running 5bogota.com, a local travel agency. During Simone's visit, Diana showed him around a coffee farm where he met with different coffee growers. He then realized the passion and determination that they, as growers, embrace. Even through the dark history of Colombia where guerrilla and drug dealers were taking over their fields, they still managed to keep that passion and determination thriving.

From that experience they both started to work together to find a way to promote Colombia and showcase the love that Colombia shows the coffee world. Thus Black Rivera was born: A Colombian roaster through and through, encompassing the passion that can only be shown through Colombian farmers and Colombian roasters working together.  

The Coffee

The coffee beans used for their roasts are grown in the Boyaca region beside Bogota, which is the capital of Colombia. This coffee farm is next to banana plantations, orange groves, and lemon trees which is the main reason for the coffee's natural fruity flavor and a citrus-like undertone. There were minor notes of melon as well which allowed for a sweet, medium body, a smooth flavor , and an overall light finish. 

Black Rivera is truly a Colombian coffee since the origin and quality has to be held true by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia who have placed their seal on each package of Black Rivera coffee.

Black Rivera also has the Rain Forest Alliance Certified seal which means that the the company meets all environmental, social, and economic sustainability standards set by the Alliance. 

Currently Black Rivera is available by delivery for wholesale or retail purchases. To try it yourself contact Simone at Black Rivera on Instagram.


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